Jean-Paul Pianta D.C., Chiropractic Center in Hannover Book: Bodys Election (buy it now)

Body’s Election

The new book from Jean-Paul Pianta (Print)

A short physiologic-political treatise for the use of the 3rd millennium

ISBN: 978-3-925658-17-4

66 pages


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> Also available in German: Die Politik des Körpers <




“With This Jewel of a Book Jean-Paul Pianta Offers Us the State-of-the-Art Key for Happiness and Health. Obligatory Reading!”

Dr. Luise Druke, PhD Political Sciences, Harvard University


"It is an incredible time in history as more and more people are looking for solutions to not only their health challenges, but are also looking to find meaning in their lives and the world we live in.

Dr Jean-Paul Pianta is a healer who has practiced his art of chiropractic for many years. A dedicated practitioner, a scholar, and an international speaker, his ideas will enlighten you to a new way of looking at life, and a new way to be healthy.

You hold in your hand a significant work which will improve the quality of you and your families lives. I commend this work to you."

Dr. Brian Kelly, President Life Chiropractic, College West, California, USA
Past President, New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Past President, Australian Spinal Research Foundation


Suggestions from the author Jean-Paul Pianta

  • When reading or after reading the book, as a game, you might be tempted to replace the organs with names of various countries or continents. If you do you will immediately realize you are becoming an expert in geo-politics, getting the Big Idea.
  • Yes, the world, as the human body, is ONE.
  • A simple, yet powerful book that explains what is wrong with modern societies thinking.
  • An intriguing story highlighting a simple analogy that can enlighten us about how misguided we have been with our current approach to living.
  • I know you will enjoy it.

Preis: 9,80 €

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